Hi Member peeps,

It is with deep regret we have to inform you all that Chapter club nights will cease with immediate effect to be held at the rugby club.

Due to numerous circumstances Towcestrians have become more of a commercial enterprise. Following discussions with their representatives, we would inform you all that they wish to double the fees charged for our monthly meetings at the rugby club. This hike in fees makes the venue totally unviable for us as a Chapter.

Whilst we all have very fond memories of times spent there and will be sad to leave, your committee decided that a new venue should be researched. After numerous venues were visited, discussed and pondered upon, your committee have decided with immediate effect that we shall be holding our club nights at Towcester Mill Brewery starting on Wednesday 8th September and continuing on from there.

We have a first floor meeting room allocated specifically for our use, and there is a lift for any member who has trouble with stairs (lots of us seem to be getting new knees at the mo!!)

Please go to the Brewery website below for any information such as location, available parking etc, on the venue


We all look forward to seeing you there next month.

Ps:  the new venue comes with options for us to have impromptu meet ups outside of club nights cos they do comedy nights and music events (and have a very tasty stout!)

Ta muchly

Steve Whatmore – Secretary

3 thoughts on “Change of Clubnight Venue”

  1. Had a good look at the Towcester Brewery and it seems to be ideal for the club, a very well run drinking establishment. The garden is really nice, shame that we cannot fit a rally in the space. Thinking of a rally do we really need one? We are all getting older and unless you are a member of the Nene Valley Motorhome and Caravan club who wants to be in a tent? Surely we could find a hotel nearby that could accommodate all who wished to attend for an evening of eating and drinking with no one having to drive home. The days of Bisley are gone so we need to come up with something that suits most people. I really do feel that we need to try something slightly different or the club may just fade away. Give it some thought you may hit the jackpot.

    1. Hi Ian & Gill
      I’m sure the club will not just fade away. I think the future of this chapter is in pretty good shape, and as a club, I agree we need to try different thing to keep us current. The start of this is having a new venue for club nights. Sometimes, a forced change makes you look at things differently. We need fresh ideas put forward to keep our existing members motivated and to help attract new members which will never be easy without a sponsoring dealership.

  2. Really enjoyed the first club night at the new site, room was a bit warm but sure something could be sorted to resolve that and we are now moving into autumn so won’t be an issue much longer this year.

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